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Long before nail salons were found on every corner, there was Jessica Vartoughian, the woman who would become known as The First Lady of Nails. Jessica opened the first-ever nails-only salon and revolutionized nail care with a technique that was ahead of its time. Her pioneering spirit and business savvy helped pave the way for the multi-million dollar nail care industry to become what it is today. Jessica is considered the foremost authority on cultivating beautiful natural nails, an achievement reflected in her extensive line of popular nail care products. As trained JESSICA Nail Cultivists, Maria & Marceena understand the structure of each client's nails as the key to success to restore health and wellness to natural nails. The Jessica Nail Cultivation System® and exclusive treatment basecoats are designed with this in mind. With the help of nurturing botanicals, antioxidant vitamins, and proteins, the products work to improve nails at their foundation.


Jessica Manicures


Nails have their own specific strengths and weaknesses - just like hair and skin. It is impossible to treat all nails the same and keep them healthy. That's why the foundation of the Jessica System is its precision, allowing us to customize our service to treat specific nail types and problems. Nails may be Dry, Brittle, Damaged or Normal, and may have other problems such as peeling, or ridges. Jessica offers all the products you need for your nail type, for extraordinary results.

Tidy & Polish                                                                                              30m                                     £15

Manicure                                                                                                     60m                               £25

Deluxe Manicure   (exfoliation, hand mask and hot mitts)              75m                               £30

Spa Manicure   (paraffin wax)                                                        90m                              £35



Zen Spa Pedicures

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Begin your ZenSpa journey with an exclusive array of personalized foot treatments that will inspire your mind, body and soul. This state-of-the-art pedicure system cleanses and exfoliates dry, dull skin cells and rejuvenates skin to a healthier, softer condition. Awaken and renew your senses with a ZenSpa pedicure.

Tidy & Polish                                                                                              30m                                        £15

Pedicure                                                                                                      60m                                  £30

Deluxe Pedicure   (hot boots)                                                                 75m                                   £35

Spa Pedicure   (paraffin wax)                                                                  90m                                 £40



Geleration Soak Off Gel Polish


GELeration is not only gentle on the nail, it protects them as they grow. Most importantly, you will love two to three weeks of everlasting colour in the signature JESSICA look and Custom Colours. Applied like a normal polish, it dries immediately under an LED light, there is no smudging and the nails stay flawless & shiny.

Geleration with: 

Manicure                                                                                                        60m                                £30

Strengthen with Manicure                                                                             70m                                 £35

Toe Tidy & Polish                                                                                          45m                                £25 

Pedicure                                                                                                           75m                                £35

Gel Refresh                                                                                                      30m                               £15

Soak Off & Mini Manicure                                                                            30m                               £15