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Helena Jane Permanent Cosmetics is delighted to add Microblading to their portfolio of treatments.

For those of you who don't know what Microblading is, using the highest quality KB Pro microblading tool, tiny realistic looking hair strokes are created by hand, mimicking the natural direction and length of your own brow hairs. If you don't have any natural hair, don't worry, we can design and create bespoke imitation hair strokes for you.

We only use K B Pro Pigments, and the desired colour is then implanted into the channels, which have been created by the microblades in the upper layer of the skin. The sensation is similar to a little scratch but you should not feel any discomfort.

A topical anaesthetic will be applied prior to the procedure - just a precaution, as the process is only mildly uncomfortable. Any soreness or minor swelling will subside within 24 hours. Once the treatment is complete, your brows may look a little darker than expected - nothing to worry about; the colour will soften and lighten during the healing process, which normally takes about six weeks.

All treatments are a two-part process and will require a complementary top-up session after six to 12 weeks. For details see the Consultation And Re-touching page at

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Helena's Story 


I began my career in an office environment determined to work in Marketing. I loved the fun aspect of my job, arranging large hospitality events and business meetings, liaising with various PR Agencies, arranging photo shoots and press releases.

It was when I fell pregnant with my first child that I wanted to be creative in a different way. I'd thoroughly enjoyed Art and Design at school and so I turned my hand to make up consultancy. I loved my time at college learning about the power of make-up and picking up various other qualifications along the way.

Over the coming years I developed a passion for eyes and eyebrows. I love sketching and you will often find me with my head down in my art book drawing away.

As someone with sparse eyebrows, I've long appreciated the transformative power of make up and I would spend five minutes drawing and perfecting my brows each morning.

That's when I heard about eyebrow Tattooing! I had the treatment myself for 3 years and became hooked. I wanted to learn this amazing technic myself. So much so, that I decided to change careers and train with the internationally renowned Nouveau Contour Training Academy.

Now as a fully qualified micro-pigmentation professional, I share the benefits of PERMANENT MAKEUP with my clients every day.

I offer quality facial enhancements including a range of eyebrow styles, eyeliners and lip contour treatments, in a relaxing, salon environment.


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